Finally I have nothing to do exept for clean my room. Now I can Update my journal with stuff.

I have 3 Live Journal friends now which is neat. Jack, Derek and Jeff. I hope to soon have a few more but till then I have read a bunch of their entries and they are quite cool.

I have been quite busy, I am quite the sandwich artist at my new job now. I got paid too which is neat, 65 bucks for two weeks isn’t much but I’m definately much less poor. Homework has been kicking my ass but it is a great feeling to have it done and over with. Overall I am a lot less lazy than I have been in the recent past. I still need to find a better employer but for now I’m not too worried, although it sucks to not have funds to do more things I want to do.

Last night I went to movie night at Daniel’s place. It’s awesome to see him back in town after his vacation. There I finally saw Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 corpses. Now I haven’t kept up to date on current events with Rob but seeing that movie made me want to be a fan of his all over again. The whole white Zombie break up thing turned me off but It looks like he has still been making good tunes.

I got a bunch of compliments on my website from Daniel and them. That is too cool. I also took a few pictures of a dirty sheep that I might just post on my website.

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