2 Year Anniversary

Today is the 2 year anniversary of Autumn-Ray. This is also one of the greatest days I have had in quite some time. So If your bitter about relationships at the moment I would advise you not to continue reading this post.

I woke up this morning in the usual rush to get to work due to staying up playing Counterstrike with the boys. I was stopped dead in my tracks when I passed out hallway wall. her presents are up there hanging; a bold statement of her love for me. She painted an oil on canvas of a picture with us cuddling with a mountain background. She also made a poster sized collage with several pictures of us. And hanging next to them was a very articulate love letter. I couldn’t move. It made the gift I made seem so much less thoughtful to me.

I made her an E-Card. Not one of those sappy flashes you can email from hallmark.com but a homemade sappy flash. I was listening to Jack Johnson’s latest album in my car the other day and put the lyrics on there with a collage of photographs similar to the poster that she made. I put a lot of love into it but I still think it pales in comparison to her gifts.

Tonight we are going out to dinner. I feel especially giddy around her today. And there is much romance to ensue. Hopefully I can stay grounded enough to drive to the restaurant.

4 thoughts on “2 Year Anniversary”

  1. That’s the best

    I love you guys,
    you’re an inspiration to me, and one of the last couples that give me hope for the future.
    Ray, don’t worry about the present, I know she’ll love it.
    See you guys soon, have fun!

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