6AM is beautiful

I am now officially a morning person. In a moment after posting this I am going to shower, go to bed, and wake up at 6 AM to make it to class in the morning and then work. I am naturally a night owl, this is quite odd.

the classes I wound up with this quarter are quite fun: 3D modeling and Photoshop/Illustrator. Maybe I could hone in on my artistic skills and make some really amazing shit. So far my first assignment in 3d Modeling is to design a weapon for a character I’m going to design later. How’s that for school? This could possibly be my favorite instructor yet.

Autumn and I have officially signed up for an apartment at 1st and Limberlost. A bit farther from Safehouse, but a really cozy place that should be fun for the next 13 months. We move in on the 27th.

My mom called me today and told me I should buy a lottery ticket because my horoscope said so. I had a good laugh… and bought the ticket.

4 thoughts on “6AM is beautiful”

    1. Yea… you could say that again.. right now I’m making a “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac”-style knife, don’t know if i’m going to settle with it but it’s looking pretty cool so far. I’ve also seen numb-chucks, a mace and some type of staff (Some of the kids in my class are nerdy in the D&D type way).

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