My computer blew up. I tracked the problem to my power supply so a new case complete with power supply is in the mail to get my comp up and running again. All this happens just in time for finals. But fortunately we have two other computers here I can work on.

I have the sniffles and a lot of time on my hands so…

Survey off of Cory’s LJ

How many people have you dated this past year?: one
How many people have you kissed in your life?: about 4 (i think)
How many people have you said “I love you too” and meant it?: Several
Have you ever had a hard time getting over someone?
Are you friends with your ex/exes?: I have no idea where they are now.. I think my life would be alot more crazy now if I did know. Granted my last EX wound up stalking me, they could be good people now because people can change a lot over 5 or six years but I think I may never know.
Have you ever been cheated on?: No
What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?: Drawn a heart
What do you look for in your ideal mate?: inner beauty and things in common (I could go on and fill in 10 pages more listing the things I love about Autumn ^_^)
Turn-offs: insecurity, hate, grunts from the gut.
What religion are you?: Whatever I identify with really
Do you go to church regularly?: I used to go when I was in middle school to play volley ball with this church group, my parents were pretty weird about it, to this day It still makes me chuckle in the inside. I havent been since the last death in the family when a preacher turned some of my extended family into “born-again’s” reminiscent of George W
Do you believe in God?: yes
Satan?: Never have, never will
Angels?: I believe in Ben Aflek, Matt Damon, Jason Lee, That guy from crocodile Dundee, and Michael Landon
Heaven?: Been there
Hell?: Been there
What do you think of abortion?: I agree with what Bill Clinton and John Kerry have said.
Flag burning?: Yes, and flag ass-wiping as well
War?: War is for the weak minded
What Did You Do…
Last weekend?: Waged a Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 binge with Ryan
Yesterday?: see And another job search sets about
Valentines Day?: Enjoyed my first non-single VD… and said VD alot
Easter?: Ate a giant chocolate bunny
4th of July?: Watched fireworks from Wienersnitzel
Halloween?: Dressed as a pirate at a small party
Thanksgiving?: Pot luck at Catalina State Park
Christmas Eve?: Broke tradition and celebrated at my aunt and uncles new place they had just built.
Christmas Day?: spent time with my family
What do you think you’ll be doing in..
A week from now?: Passing Finals
A month from now?: Living in a new place, and making some kick-ass cartoons
A year from now?: Being one of 4 surviving members of my claSS
5 years from now?: Working for a high paying job and keeping up a house with a theater in it.
10 years from now?: Declared the richest man in the world by love standards. and finally quit smoking.
20 years from now?: suddenly a career change and I become a world famous drummer better than that guy from Rush
50 years from now?: Living cross country in an RV and telling creepy grandpa stories that make people piss their pants.

Ever Been Called
Dumb?: yes
Retarded?: yes
Hot?: yes
Fat?: Yes
Anorexic?: No
A waste of space?: Possibly
Useless?: yes
Sexy?: Yes
Smelly?: yes
A Slut?: No
Beautiful?: yes
Smart?: Yes
Quiet?: All the time
Boring?: yes
A Bitch?: yes
Rebel?: i used to wear that metallica shirt.. so yes
Conceited?: I dont think so

What are you wearing?: Khakis, and my work shirt that reads “satisfaction in the sack” (second favorite to my manson tour shirt)
Who are you talking to?: Ryan (autumn also just called)
How is the weather?: Those rain dances are paying off right now, its beautiful
What are you listening to?: Iron Butterfly
What/Who are you thinking about?: Flash is fucking cool
What are you eating/drinking?: Earl Grey
What are you looking forward to?: My new case coming in the mail
What are you dreading?: Bills
How are you feeling?: A little under the weather
How is your hair?: Pretty cool I think
What are you annoyed by?: a closed mind, and impatience

When Was The Last Time You..
Burped?: I never learned how to.. but i still try (it leads to loud gas)
Kissed?: This morning
Had sex?: a day or so ago
Went to the movies?: On the release of Team America
Went out to eat?: last night at Red robin… they have kick ass burgers
Cried?: Years ago, I usually vomit instead
Got dumped?: When I was 16
Threw up?: when i ate nachos at Areks.. second time in a row
Peed?: 15 or so minutes
Went skating?: couple years ago, I couldnt stop falling on people
Went for a walk?: Weeks ago with Autumn
Ate ice cream?: On the night of the election results
Got into a fight?: Ages ago… Never again

3 things you enjoy doing
1. Video Games
2. Being a nerd
3. Spending time with my woman

3 things you want to try
1. Making a cartoon
2. Driving cross-country
3. Snowboarding

3 people you love
1. My Woman
2. my friends
3. My family (especially my immediate family)

3 foods you are addicted to
1. meat
2. pizza
3. caffeine

3 things you hate
1. a closed mind
2. bad music
3. ego

3 wishes
a good sense of humor, peace, and patience for everyone

Who was the last person you
Talked to?: My Mom
Yelled at?: i dont know
Kissed?: Autumn
Hugged?: Autumn
Went out to eat with?: Autumn.
Flirted with?: Autumn
Talked to on the phone?: My Mom
IMed?: John Connaway
Got flowers from?: I’m a Man who needn’t recieve flowers
Made love to?: Autumn
Danced with?: Autumn
Fought with?: I dont remember
Worried about?: Autumn
Wanted to kill?: my boss
Cried over?: i have tried, but I can’t cry happy tears
Thought about? Autumn

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