On Friday I had two of my four wisdom teeth removed while I was awake. The dentist let Autumn and my mom watch for the hour long surgery. I did pretty good about it while only saying ow a few times. The first tooth took the dentist 45 minutes to get out (he had to drill it into 4 pieces), which took so long that he only pulled 2 instead of all four which means I have to go through this again. It hurt so much after the ‘caine’ stuff wore off it brought me to tears. Now im all drugged up on vicodin which is reaffirming to me why I dont like drugs, but im not feeling that intense pain that i did yesterday so i’ll give drugs that.

I went to a electronics givaway at my school this morning and ran off with another computer monitor so I can do work on other computers like fixing and stuff. i might use it for a server for countersrike or something once I get together enough parts or donate one to my brother so he could play with us online.

So Ive been playing a bunch of Counterstirke this weekend with Ryan and JD which has been a lot of fun, wisdom teeth dont impare everything. And I think i might play a little more, if you want to find me download xfire and add me, raysafan, to your buddy list.

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