A Fantastic Night

[Ben Rocks theCrowd with the Cowbell]

Im a bit tired right now but it has been such a great day that I feel obligated to post a journal entry. Dan had a 5 year birthday party tonight over at Craig’s house. Lance’s band Seven Played it. I took over a hundred pictures! Even a little video of dan doing a jig. i had quite a great time with all of my friends. Watching the band was the highlight of it for me, Narise singing, Ben’s passion for the cowbell, and the overall talents of all of them was quite amazing. It was a great experience. So I took about 125 pictures, enough to make a pictures site for the band. And Autumn couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.

Then Autumn, Robbie, Richard, and I went to Grill after a short Safehouse cameo. That was a wonderful time as well. The four of us had some of the best conversation I have had in a little while. I’m on cloud nine about now and Autumn can’t stop smiling, I bet she’s smiling right now in her sleep. 😉

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  1. you better have good pictures, ’cause I am SO PISSED that I missed it. And also jealous that I didn’t get that kind of a 5th b-day party. ; )

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