A good day

Spontaneity is perhaps the greatest thing in the universe. I had the usual visit to Safehouse after work, Jeff and Ryan were there. I got a bunch of homework done and quite a few laughs out. We all went to Grill for a good feast,an hour or so after Autumn showed up. Jeff went off to and the rest of us went off to stalk Jorden. We found him at his house of all places and we all then went to Laffs to watch Richard do a comedy bit. Jorden kept getting fucked with by the announcer lady it was fun. We were the only four at the place when the show started so some strange announcer lady starts hitting on Jorden and makes him pull a piece of paper out of her shirt with his teeth. It wasn’t pretty, I would have a picture but my batteries died earlier in the day.

This just goes to prove that I can manage to have a good time, even if I have a mountain of homework waiting for me.

I have great friends.

Quote of the day: “I’m your worst nightmare”

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  1. Dood, I forgot to ask when I saw you today.

    Could you mail me a copy or post a link of the picture that you took of Beard and I at the Safehizzle the other night? I think it was Sunday night.

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