A good day

There are 3 major things that are good for me to accomplish every day:
1) meditate in the morning
2) call Mike D
3) and attend a meeting

Today I have accomplished those three. There have been a lot of 20f3 and 1of3 days in recent weeks that have left me quite unfulfilled or uneasy about my day. Today I accomplished all 3.

I woke up this morning and meditated on my way to work(#1), which is a bit weird concidering i need to keep my eyes open for the trip. I made it on time! My day was a bit short there and I hurried over to the bakery to meet Autumn on her break. That, as always, was great, but I was rushed to go complete this big essay in two hours before it was due at 4. I had somewhere around 700 words left to write. There was a lot of panic while writing that thing but I got it done.

I seem to work well under pressure because I recieved great reviews from my fellow students. Hopefully a good grade as well, because I aspire to pass that class. But the good comments from my peers definitely relieved me of many stresses that I was going through in my rushed state of mind. Then, after class, I called mike with the good news(#2). I also got an opportunity to actually learn something new in my math class that had been boring me for so many months.

After school I decided to treat myself to some dinner. I wound up going to Arby’s and treating myself to a big montana and a supreme potato. This was almost sexual because it was one of the best feelings I have had in my lifetime. I showed up to a short visit to pick up some coffee at safehouse very fulfilled. Then I headed to a meeting.

The meeting was good, and full of men bitching about their ex-wives. Then some old timers came in with good insight for all to soak in. The leader came in somewhere in the middle and read an excellent personal add that sounded like the perfect woman, then ended with 150 guys calling the animal shelter and asking for a dog. I guess that’s one of those “you had to be there” jokes, but I was quite Amused.

So anyway, I’m back at the safehouse(inspired to write this for some odd reason) and enjoying life. There are a few things that I have to accomplish yet, changes in my lifestyle and priorities. But for now, I am comprehending the hell out of the word serenity.

That is my good day 🙂

(Ps. Where the hell is richard with the cash to build his computer? I want to change it in for ones and roll around naked in it.)

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