A Happy Halloween Indeed

I Finally went to go see Marilyn Manson play on Friday night with Beard and Ryan. We had a freaking blast! The show that man puts on is amazing. He even performed Antichrist on the podium… Beard and I both had always dreamed of seeing that song performed before our own eyes. For Tourniquet he was on stilts (although I would rather see Kinderfeld on stilts). He performed around 20 songs, all very quality entertainment.

The funny thing is, I am far more grown up since my Mansonite days in high school, and this was perhaps revisiting those old times when I listened to his albums religiously and put black nail polish on my rigid, depressed fingers. I used to have a big ass wall covered with somewhere around 90 Manson pinups. And here was a post-rehab Ray going to the “Against all Gods tour 2004”. The little monster inside me loved it!

Ryan and Beard were quite fun. Ryan kept saying “Weird people man!” all the time. I couldn’t stop laughing. This has been also the most comfortable in my skin I have ever felt at a concert. Even topping about a month ago at Fall Ball (Ozomatli and Social D kick ass!) with Autumn, I highly recommend being with your woman at any show. But before, and even in rehab, I used to feel very alone in a concert crowd with friends or not. I used to get very insecure and whatnot every time. I was also very reluctant to go to a show afterwards. But I am now realizing the fun of them and they keep getting better, I might be getting addicted,

——-Save a seat for me in Concerts Anonymous.—–

I went as a pirate and Autumn as Devil Woman to a little get together. Unfortunately I left my camera at Chris’s Pad in Phoenix for this so I have no pictures to pass around but I’m sure I will be wearing my pirate hat year round.

now my fingers are starting to get a bit sore after typing so much So Happy Halloween To all and Much Love.

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