A Phone Rings…

I peel my eyes open, the phone is in the sky, shouting wake up. I am not a morning person by any means but on the other end of that phone was Autumn. This I think has turned me into a morning person, for at least a day.

She wants me to come over to the bakery after I work and share a cigarette and I do. It brings me great joy to be with her on her break. I rush home afterward, I have an essay to write, but I wind up getting my parents comp running again, and discussing cable internet with my brother.

Too many exiting things at once are going on to write about here, Vaknerfest starts tomorrow, A great weekend, I’m staring at a cable modem on my desk! So distracting! So I go to class without a rough draft. Now panic sets in… then relief… I have a whole week and a half more time to work on my essay! Vaknerfest here I come!

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