7 thoughts on “Ahh sweet justice”

  1. insightful stuff….

    whoosh – pfffft!

    whats that sound?
    is it finally the shit hittin the fan?

    even though the report came off more “hard copy” than “dateline”
    it was still sayin alot of what needed to be heard.

    once again pathway is at the top of my resentment list.

    once again, you are at the top of my gratitude list.
    it took ALOT of grace and dignity for to find your own way in this big bad world ray.
    seems to me like thus far you have made choices to be proud of.

    much love.

    1. I know, I know, I dispise realplayer as much as the next guy, But I think the video needed to be seen. Although it may deepen resentment, being pissed off for a moment can be great motivation to get over something.

      and now for step 2: we found it necessary to remove realplayer from our systems in order to grow.

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