Ahoy mateys

I havent posted a follow up to Godfather night yet, It’s a bit bellated considering we had it a week ago. That movie is incredible and I cannot believe that I had not went out of my way to see it at all. The turnout was far less than we had planned but Dan was there so he got to feed his tapeworm about 4 heaping plates of pasta. The lasagne was incredible. And it was a lot of fun. We might get together again for part II so keep me on your friends list.

In other news i am busy as hell. I have a class in about 30 minutes, 2 computers to fix this weekend, and a website to build for Lutz Bakery. I plan on revamping my site sometime soon so it can be a compliment to my resume and seperate the pictures into a personal section. So i’m going to have to say goodbye to video games for the next few weeks.

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