And another job search sets about

I went to a job fair at my school today and put my nerd powers to the test of trying to put my foot in the proverbial door. I realized I only know very little of what the hell my specialty is going to be. A few of the people even sat there behind their little tables and gave me that “come back here in a year or so” look that I have just taken with a wee grain of salt. Intuit, however, looked a bit promising. The lady gave me a description of their 4 hour aptitude testing process that I would probably run circles around… and I got a free hackey sack from the deal. All I have to do is work it into my schedule somehow.

For Autumn and I plan to move into a 1 bedroom place somewhere in the NW and 15 or so hours delivering sandwiches wont even touch rent for that. So a job hunt shall ensue and make me filthy fucking rich swimming in big flat TV’s and shit (if thats possible). So let me know if anyone gets any leads for employment or living quarters.

BTW, Autumn and I celebrate our first year together on the 16th, two days before my 23rd B-day… (just thought I’d give all youse guys a little heads up).

Much love


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