Yesterday I was walking on clouds the anniversary was very great. Autumn woke me up with a rose and a card complete with a great picture of her, rose pedals, and a very heart-warming message. So I surprised her at work with a dozen roses, which are blooming right next to me at the moment. It was quite a beautiful day. Even though I was busy with finals and such we still managed to have a great day with each other. After I had the final we went and rented ELF which was the movie we saw on what could now be considered our first date. Good times all around! I’m so in love.

2 thoughts on “Anniversary”

  1. Inapropriete1 wished you a happy birthday which is why I’m here to do the same. I hope your friends and your strangers treated you like royalty on your day.

    (Although I don’t know you I think you’re alriaght since you enjoy reading the internet probably (I’m assuming) abou as much as tv.)

    For your present I’ll add you to my friends list and read your posts thoroughly (as opposed to the others whom I’m sorry to say I usually skim over) until my birthday – his December 11th.

    (btw good post, pleasant and well – just simply pleasant! Cheers.)

    Once again, congrats!

    1. Quite a friendly gesture jinx and thank you. I’m guessing I have probably met you before at safehouse at one time or another but I will add you and maybe the pieces will come together someday.

      Besides, who can hate a NIN fan anyway ;P

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