Back online

I am currently re-installing all the crap that I usually put on my damn computer. But it is sure good to be back. For those of you who don’t know, my power supply decided to go out on me at the LAN party last weekend which left for a crappy time for me. I did get to kick some ass in SOF2 and hold my own in saber battles with Derek which was very fun. But leaving computerless got me down for a bit. My motherboard, I found out, still works after all of that, but I put a new one in anyway to improve bus speeds. I’m going to donate the old one to chris so he can rock the AGP when he gets the Emachine from my parents shop.

I am in a bit nerdy of a mood because i just re-built my system. and for those of you who didn’t get my mass email, I finally got a GMAIL account! my address is now Hello again sweet internet!

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