bold things in common

i stole this off of cory’s lj
in bold are things i have in common.
the ones not in common are not in bold and changed
to something i like
this is neat and good times.
here’s her original entry.

01. i love cats.
02. i hide my hair a lot.
03. i can be a dick.
04. i love traveling.
05. i don’t have any tatoos.
06. IREALLY love watching movies.
07. i love eating meat
08. i want to sky dive
09. i love peppermint candy
10. i have read a mythology textbook
11. i sing shennanigans in my head 24 hours a day
12. i love getting into trouble.
13. i can’t watch people shoot up
        (heroin, or whatever)on film

14. I like to read novels.
15. my favorite color is yellow
16. axe orion is the sexxiest smell ever
17. I have an idea of where I want to go.
18. I have a lot to learn.
19. I play drums
20. I love the rain.
21. i have no real secrets, at least not from everyone.
22. I love thinking.
23. I love kissing
24. I am a very fast typer.
25. i think loyalty is super important.
26. i have no idea who Ricki Vasquez is
27. i’m ambidextrous
28. I’m content with myself.
29. i’m obsessed with Peter Pan
30. i love classic rock.
31. i like to create compilation discs.
32. i have an oral fixation
33. i am odd.
34. i get addicted, easily.
35. i’m not very religious.
36. Yay for being lethargic!
37. my friends are beyond unique.
38. i am very spiritual
39. i love coffee.
40. some people you have to love from afar
41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts,
            even if they cost nothing.

42. i really enjoy long, hot showers.
43. i want to have sex at least once a day. . .
44. i don’t believe in religion.
45. i read livejournals
46. my eyes are smaller than my stomach.
47. i don’t get emo. it bugs me.
48. a lot of people say i’m good with words.
49. I still watch cartoons.
50. i would almost always rather be asleep
51. i’m retarded over an uber-geek
52. i’m a really picky eater.
53. I love to find money in my coat pockets.
54. i like to feel useful.
55. i get cold WAY too easily.
56. i watch way too much TV.
57. i can be mean, on purpose, and for fun.
58. i know how to get what i want.
59. i love hugs
60. i think people take themselves too seriously.
61. i like dick and fart jokes
62. i hate long toenails.
63. I overreact about things sometimes.
64. i love cheese
65. i’m too emotional sometimes.
66. i want to read comic books forever.
67. i’m not nearly as important to my
            siblings as they are to me.

68. i almost never throw up unless I eat nachos
             at Candices house
69. I think GW bush is a douchebag.
70. i kind of own a boat.
71. i love going on road trips with loud
        music and retarded friends.

72. i love to ski.
73. I am drawn to intellect and humor.
74. i like sleeping next to people.
75. I hate when people do things just to look important.
76. I think hate could be deadly
77. i have more than one best friend
78. i’m facsinated by watching people eat
79. i like to write.
80. i love holidays.
81. i think fear can be deadly
82. i love restaurants.
83. i watch the same movies over and over
84. I love driving
85. i need to be shocked.
86. Sometimes I think to myself,
            “Wow. People are really fucking stupid”.

87. i want to go to europe.
88. i want to learn how to develop color film.
89. i like the beach.
90. Autumn is my favorite season.
91. i love concerts and shows.
92. i like violence, blood, and all that stuff.
93. my room is a mess.
94. I love to laugh.
95. peircings squick me out (whatever squick means)
96. I would like to be able to see all my friends whenever I wanted.
97. i like boys who play videogames.
98. i’ve had trouble sleeping for over five years.
99. need to figure out how to take over the world.
100. I vote yes on gay marriages and toothpaste.

so there you have it
100 questions answered
compare the non bold ones with cory

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