Caffinated Me

soberac is radioactive. Wear protective clothing at all times.



I had too much caffiene once again and decided to take this interview:

Astrological sign:Scorpio
siblings names and something you feel about each:Chris: I don’t think it’s possible to not like him.. ever

favourite perfume/cologne to wear:

A lie you often tell yourself:
I Know Everything

describe what you think happens after you die:
Your buried alive when everyone thinks your dead.. like in those soap operas and kill bill 2 (just kidding I have no idea)

character or physical trait you inherited from your mother:
Caring, Nurturing, and love for everyone… and loud gas

three traits you look for in a friend:
[1]Selflessness[2]Sense of humor[3]interesting converstion

three words that describe how you think others view you:
Really Never Know

a food you especially like/dislike:
Cheese/Soy Cheese

do you like to cook and do you have a specialty:
Yes, Grilled foods and tuna melts

three inventions you consider to be ingenious:
[1]electricity[2]language[3]musical instruments

if you had the talent and/or opportunity you would love to:
let the world know life is good

the emotion you seem to experience the most:

when you were a child, what is one thing you strongly believed in:
Video games

sweet or sour:
a natural disaster you have lived through/experienced:Hanson

using your first and last name initials write five words that begin with each initial:
Rain, Climb, Rhythm, Captain, Rapid, Clash, Reed, Cat, Rash, Cathoder

when you really want to get to know someone, you say or ask:
how was your day?

a place you have always wanted to be intimate at:
A Shower
if you could change any one thing about the world:Unlimited natural resources. (i agree with jack)

your current philosophy described in three words, would be:
Humble Unconditional Love

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