Creative Juices Everywhere. NowHERE to spill 'em

Things are looking on the up and up. I have been diving very deep into my nerd powers. I have been craving coding and design tasks. Its a good thing I have a website to waste my time on, coding useless things. I might re-design again. I’m saving up for a Wacom tablet so I can try my hand at some digital matee painting. i have always been skilled with hand drawn things, and if I combine that with photoshop the possibilites are endless. Im pretty good with the mouse, you know, headshots and stuff. But I need to get a freaking tablet for more artistic outlet.

erm… I’ll post more later.

2 thoughts on “Creative Juices Everywhere. NowHERE to spill 'em”

  1. Drew… Podcasting from the interweb

    Just make sure you always use your nerd powers for good, and never for evil. Or the other way around, but at least be consistent.
    BTW I have an account now so check it sometime

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