Damn The Man Save The empire!

You are seriously energetic. You wear orange. Defy convention. Listen to music that is “guaranteed to make you sterile.” You try to kiss girls doing balet warms ups at listening booths. You want to call your band Marc. That’s with a C, for the whole “psychadelic trip thing.” You’re confident, even when people disparage you to your face and cut down your asparations, you’re unaffected. You are an original. A little girl crazy, as well as a little star-struck (despite the fact that you don’t like Rex Manning). You may be a bit of a flake, but your energy, mirth and friendly demeanor, makes you at once a joy and an irritation.
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2 thoughts on “Damn The Man Save The empire!”

  1. mark… but with a c

    ray… for the love of all that is good and kind. put down the pot brownies and slowly back away from the GWAR video on the tv. slowly now… easy. SHEW… that was a close one. we almost lost ya. repeat after me… it’s only a movie after all. GWAR does exist, but the pot brownies were a dream!


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