Early Surgery

I discovered not pron and now have a new game obsession. It’ll be fun doing this on the side when i get bored with something. It’s damn hard but, by god, you feel like a genius after finishing a level. I suggest trying it out, I’m on level 12 now.

I’m about to go to bed now because I have to go to the hospital at 5 in the morning. The time has come for me to get put under for the first time and get cut up. I know its for the better but I can’t help but be anxious and nervous about this moment. I’m going to sleep and soon enough they’re going to operate. This gives me the chills and i don’t know how to feel about it. If your interested in what’s going on with me click here.

Hopefully I will recover quick and as painless as possible. But there are no guarantees.

2 thoughts on “Early Surgery”

  1. I know the feeling well. The best thing to do is just try not to think about it. If that doesn’t work, just think about how much better things will be once you’re through it all – then just focus on getting to that point. It’s not easy, but as long as you’re focused on getting through it you’ll make a much faster recovery. I’ll be thinking about ya.

    And that game is evil.

  2. Yo Ray Man. So, I guess right now you getting it done. Or your already done and you have a anesthetic hang over. Either way I hope your hangin in there. I say, when your back up to speed we have a celebration. A Ray’s Urinary Track celebration. Or we could just play a shit load of BF2. So, yeah. I’ll catch later man! Hang in there! Good Journey.

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