$economics = "Madness"; echo $economics;

I have homework to do, Lots of it. Aparrently when you take a class online they assume you have 20 hours of time to read all the shit they want you to read and make demand curves and essays that defy all resonable logic. I want to have a life, and I did last night, I have pictures to prove it… Pictures I want to put on my website. But I somehow broke my upload script that I wrote. I want to fix it so I can share these lovely photos. I am somehow reminded of that ellen degeneres comedy hour where she talked about prcrastination and, if i remember correctly, procrastination turned out good in the end.

  • I want to clean the house but it’s allready clean.
  • I want to nap but I have energy.
  • I want to watch a movie.
  • I want to go to Safehouse and drink tea.

Fuck it, I will do my homework.

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