feeling good (covered by muse)

It is 3AM and I have to work tomorrow. I have been junking out on Gunbound all night. This is probably why I try to stay away from games like everquest. But this is Fucking Worms online with a buddy list. It’s my new addiction. Meanwhile there is a beutiful girl sleeping in my room, I have tons of homework, a move coming up soon, and the holidays. My new addiction better end soon or at least stay on a backburner for a little while.

If anyone is tuning in later this morning Autumn will be on the morning news during the weather report wearing a santa hat. I think its channel 9 but I’m not absolutely shure. I think she’s going to tape it so future people could giggle at the sight. It’ll be fun ;-}..

Even though tonight was a bit unproductive for me I had a damn good time with ryan and an excellent dinner with me love, Autumn. And I did laundry which is nice. this is going to be a great holiday season.

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