F**K the MPAA

I just got popped by the MPAA for downloading the russian batman begins. Cox shut temporarily down my account and if it happens again im gonna get sued up the ass. I called and told them the files have been off my machine for quite some time now. I guess torrents arent as safe as they seem. It is now time to put down my pirate hat and wait until it comes out on DVD or cheap theater to watch it again. Atleast it was for a good movie.


7 thoughts on “F**K the MPAA”

  1. I have zero sympathy for you.

    Hopefully you’re smart enough (which I think you are) to stop downloading movies. Sure, they are assholes and coincidentally pump out a lot of shit. But it’s their god damn property. Damned faggots.

  2. It was really just a matter of time.

    The thing I like about this whole process of continually trying to sneak around agencies like the MPAA, and the agencies subsequently figuring out how to stop it, is the overall improvement in technology that comes from it.

    I mean, think about how simplistic Napster really was, and how relatively simple it was for the companies to find people downloading their shit. It’s gotten so much more advanced since then, and regardless of BitTorrent’s inability to sneak around detection, it’s still a really great implementation. At least I think so.

    So don’t worry, little pirate. Something better will pop up soon enough.

    Jeff, Resident Corporate Whore

  3. My Thoughts on the MPAA

    Eshh. When I think about all the free stuff torrents have provided us with. Each individual movie and mp3 exploding like flavor crystals on my tongue… Just makes me wanta burn that mother down. Come on Jeff! HELP ME BURN THIS MOTHER DOWN!!

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