Fun With Google Earth

I randomly found this video on You Tube the other day and it piqued my interest. Google Earth is all ready well known as one of the best software inventions of late. I have used it a lot to find directions to places I am going to and its very helpful to have a good visual idea of my destination. Around the internet you can find people sightseeing all over the place. And people have found some crazy stuff.

The following video I found is a good example of some of the sightseeing people have done. He shows some pretty cool stuff on here. I especially like the Native American mountain and Firefox logo crop circle. My only criticism is the choice of "Hamster Dance" for music because re watching becomes rather annoying pretty quickly.Here it is:

And here are the coordinates to some of the things shown on this video as well as a few others:
(NOTE: you need Google Earth to open these files)

More things of course can be found by a few simple searches.

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