Getting out………

I havent got out of the house that much lately and i think it’s getting to me. The solution is very obvios. My computer broke and I just fixed it. But i lost a bunch of my pictures.. the act of truing to preserve them takes a rediculus amount of effort which is leading to my current boredom. well, that and not getting out much. This is the wierdest break from school ever.

I forgot how tedious reinstalling all this crap to my computer is, i have no idea how others do it so often. I need some good conversation, to get out of myself, and this place.

Richard is sitting and watching tango and cash, blah… i think i’ll agree with my brother and say the movie is horrible… i think i’ll work on my escape plan… probably safehouse.

3 thoughts on “Getting out………”

  1. and then there was starcraft…

    good to see you out in the world, ray.
    glad you traded the small,dark, smoky room with the computer game
    the small, dark smoky room
    down the street.
    that’s forward motion, man.


  2. Damn It!

    Tango and cash is awesome! What’s wrong with you people to see the true nature of this fine late eigthies flick! It’s got everything! Evil Drug Lord, two different TOP COPS, a fine sexy woman, and lots and lots of explosives. This is the equation of one top notch film. Sigh.

    You and Autumn are soooo lazy when it comes to posting on your journals! Kick her in the butt and tell her to start posting! I miss you guys. Love,

    Richard j.

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