Good Times

Autumn left town to visit her parents for the weekend. We have been quite attached to the hip together lately, we love the ever living crap out of each other. So I thought missing her would kill my damn weekend. I wound up having a great time.

Last night I junked out on the computer until the wee hours in the morning, then poked my head out into society and studied some XML at Safehouse while watching Jeff learn flash., then headed back home to do more computer crap.

Tonight I went to school after Hanging out with my brother a bit at home. Then went back to Safehouse after mowing down a couple big cheeseburgers on sourdough. Safehouse was a great time, My bro and all the rest of the crew were there for the best times I’ve had there in a while. The band kicked ass, what were they called again? But now I’m back home tweaking, yet again on my good ol XML shenanigans in hopes of a future web site revamp and enjoying myself thoroughly. I just figured there was room for a post.

Tomorrow I plan on pizza and Team America: World police after Autumn returns…. ahh yes!

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