Good times and then cleaning

Autumn is up in phoenix right now, I’m all alone at the apartment right now. Fiending for an Earl, i want to go get one but jack is on his way to watch Shaun of the dead. I watched it last night and quite enjoyed it.. its freaking hilarious! But we’ll see what jack thinks when his highly critical eyes gaze upon the film.

I’ve been busy this weekend, cleaning (eek), and doing some varius homework projects. I also got this free program called icon developer and have been in a frenzy of making varius icons of friends and stuff, If you would like a windows icon i would be pleased to make one for you this shit is fun.

Still in the process of trying to find all the corrupted shit on my hard drive and fixing it so I don’t smell a website update anytime soon, but i think I’m going to start regularly posting shit in the LJ more often, I havent been getting out to Safehouse that much lately so this is the least I can do. ; p

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