Good Times!

This concludes another awesome Monday. I had a great day today: I woke up to a great breakfast with Autumn, went to Matthew’s farewell party, and took several excellent pictures along the way. Which, by the way, I will be posting on my website shortly. Things are getting better every day! The holidays are treating me quite well, Halo for the pc and a bad ass drum set are in the mail right now so I am in a complete, "waiting for packages" mode right now. I can almost feel myself pissing my pants with excitement… that is… if I was wearing any…

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    1. Re: Doors?

      all I have is the best of the doors. it kicks ass tho!
      # Song Name
      1 Break on Through (To the Other Side) (The Doors) (2:25)
      2 Light My Fire (The Doors) (7:05)
      3 Crystal Ship (The Doors) (2:31)
      4 People Are Strange (The Doors) (2:09)
      5 Strange Days (The Doors) (3:06)
      6 Love Me Two Times (The Doors) (3:13)
      7 Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) (The Doors) (3:15)
      8 Five to One (The Doors) (4:25)
      9 Waiting for the Sun (The Doors) (3:57)
      10 Spanish Caravan (The Doors) (2:57)
      11 When the Music’s Over (The Doors) (10:55)
      12 Hello, I Love You (The Doors) (2:14)
      13 Roadhouse Blues (The Doors) (4:02)
      14 L.A. Woman (The Doors) (7:48)
      15 Riders on the Storm (The Doors) (7:14)
      16 Touch Me (The Doors) (3:10)
      17 Love Her Madly (The Doors) (3:17)
      18 Unknown Soldier (The Doors) (3:22)
      19 End (The Doors) (11:41)

  1. mondays rule

    mondays rule everything! and ray dont feel bad about not wearing any pants… mondays are carefree and also pantsfree woohoo.

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