good week

Many things have happened since I have last posted, great things. My keys are still sticking so I might need some serious spell check after this. I am determined to purchase a nice little wireless one that I can remote control my
tunes with, yes, that would be nice.

Off of that tangent I still say this has been one of the greatest weeks of all time. Shit!, today even has been very great. I woke up next to the incredibly beautiful Autumn. We headed over to a luau at Guy’s house, a great experience, though there was a bit too much pathway there for me to handle. We had to, unfortunately, cut that short and go to a little birthday party for my brother and eat tacos, but that was great as well. Chris is twenty now, no longer a teenager, it’s incredible! and, By the way, he is now living on his own in phoenix, going to the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. Soooo Proud.

We topped off the day going out to see kill bill vol. 2 in the theatre with a zillion of my closest friends. I will not spoil that movie for anyone.. It’s better than that, I suggest all to see this movie and show the industry that people like to see actual good film.

I have been reading a great book this week, and I’m thinking of reading books much more because of this.

ciao (this is all, my keys are sticky)

fallorissa: besides the fact that its the most comforting best feeling in the world

3 thoughts on “good week”

  1. friends

    one time after dan and i were leaving a meeting, we decided to stop at village inn for snacks before descending on safehouse. as we drove past the safehouse, all bright and lit up, i pointed and said to dan… “oh look, there are our 50 closest friends!”
    you and autumn make the world go round.


      1. Re: friends

        (comicbook guy voice) BEST WEEK EVER!..and more to come.
        and carol its funny that you say that because when i get into safehouse yourself and dan are the first people i seek out. ill see you kids tonight.

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