Got Sucked in again…

My computer nerd powers have gone a little too crazy this week. I discovered PHP and mySQL (still trying to get my ISS/Localhost to work) and started a nerdy learning frenzy. Not to mention playing waaaay too much Counterstrike this week, 23 hours of it in fact. This is leading to a very neglected Autumn and I feel bad now. So I’m going to go to Phoenix tomorrow with her and visit some people. Some actual conversation on the road trip may help me feel like a better boyfriend.

6 thoughts on “Got Sucked in again…”

    1. girlfriends of gamers anonymous

      yes cory we need a program, but maybe just 3 steps,

      1) admit THEY have a problem
      2) throw computer/game counsel out window
      3) make out with newly dezombieified boyfriend!

  1. Autumn has to understand that it’s the price she pays for dating someone like us.

    Otherwise, she gets a kind, caring and intelligent individual with an inexhaustable sex drive and a fetish for technology.

    Wait, did I just say that out loud? Shit.

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