5 thoughts on “Gretel will be Missed”

    1. Re: HUzzah


      An evil spirit; a demon.
      The Devil; Satan.
      A diabolically evil or wicked person.
      Informal. One who is addicted to something: a dope fiend.
      Informal. One who is completely absorbed in or obsessed with a given job or pastime: a crossword-puzzle fiend.
      Informal. One who is particularly adept at something: a fiend with computers.

      Either way .. I’m not sure what’s up, but condolenses nonetheless.

  1. it’s no secret…

    i hate cats. and gretel knew, just knew somehow, that she made me deathly ill. she just would never stop rubbing me.
    but it is sad to see her go.
    of the two, i would of rather seen jack go to the pound.
    or at least be neutered.
    that picture is fuckin’ frightening!
    and by frightening i mean hot.
    and by hot i mean yuck, it’s jack.
    he shouldn’t be sooo fine.


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