I just received Halo for my computer in the mail today! I have been smoking alien scum ever since.. cannot wait to LAN up on it tomorrow. Good times for all. It seems that you can’t do co-op on LAN however. That kind of sucks but Halo still is one of the coolest games ever made.

I was talking to my girlfriend earlier and she mentioned she had lost a boyfriend over Halo before. I could see that because I have a few friends with an almost terrifying obsession with the game. It’s very ironic that she is paranoid she would lose me to a video game.. I would have to go into the dictionary next to pathetic if that happens. It’s more likely that I fervently choke on a giant hamster.

I have been tweaking my site a little bit and am making some cool pages for it. I got this ridiculously awesome picture of myself smoking in a Santa hat. I may just add some more stuff to the links page.. it’s looking a bit short. Well I’m Spent.. Talk Later.

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