I cannot keep my eyes in their sockets

I’m at safehouse, feeling rather inspired. I have started two courses at community college that have pushed more creativity out of me than I had even known I had. In reference to a conversation with Connaway ages ago, I always have a need for a creative outlet. Writing in a web journal seems like a worthy one but I feel so immensely inspired that it may not even fulfill my restless urge to create something beautiful. or maybe it could fit in a measly sentence…

life is good.

I haven’t completed all of my readings for my writing course. There is not enough time to. I have made progress against my horrible procrastinating habits but today it seems i need to manage my time better.

I feel a bit detached from everyone. I drove beard home last night and had a lack of words to say. I feel a great love for everyone in my life right now but have no idea on how to express it to everyone. A simple “I love you” doesn’t seem to cut it right now. Maybe that’s what I could use my overflowing creativity for right now. It definitely beats having artist’s block.


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