I want to dance like ben

I heard somewhere that depression or despair is the moment in which someone is the wisest. That god gives you a moment to catch up and reflect on what to do in your life.

I had a weird night. It seems that whenever I get a big writing assignment I get a bit down. I feel like I lost all the ability to be friendly tonight. But I just discovered I have this little dancer guy for my media player that is cracking me up:

  <-- his name is ben 🙂

I’m sure I’ll get over it as soon as I get into a groove with it. I think I
wasn’t born to be a writer because the process has such an effect on my emotional well-being.
This is just a temporary thing… I’ll get a chance to be myself, I hope I
didn’t drag anyone down.

3 thoughts on “I want to dance like ben”

  1. you can!!!

    just repeat after me…
    i can dance like ben.
    i think i can!
    i think i can!
    i think i can!

    yeah big boy!!!!

    all good writers just need a muse. think selma hayek in “dogma”.
    you will find your voice, i trust.
    you are very smart. autum isn’t with you for your good looks only.


  2. Yes i agree very much.
    whenever i feel the worst it does help me reflect on my life
    as well. Its a funny cycle. I get closer to mortal things
    such as friends, games, my own bullshit and i back away from god.
    then i eat a little shit and get closer to god every time.
    You’ll get good sir.

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