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I’m currenly laying down on a futon at beards house. Lan party 4 is still going on and I’m exhausted. I think I need to get out or something before I go completely crazy. This has been a quite cool lan party but it has pinched a few nerves on a number of occasions. Granted this is the smoothest operating party yet I have gotten stressed over a few things, particularly my friends whining about this mod that I had spent several days on. Spiritualy I have been a bit drained.

It has now been 4 months with Autumn now. This time it has snuck up on me. Somewhere in my mind I think I have been far too self centered to notice, which is bad because i tend to fuck everything up when all I’m thinking about is myself. So heres what I’m thinking: I should read some of the books people have suggested to me and or go to a lot more meetings. Either way I need to get the hell out of myself and focus my energy on something else. I should be waking up every day thinking about how to help others.. even if it is something as small as adding to a social situation.

So this is my first live journal entry in a while I have been a bit destracted from things. and if you havent noticed.. my website is down.. i will fix it soon enough but i need to get out of the house. Hopefully my next entry will be less gloomy news and i will have gotten off my ass and into other people. 🙂

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