I'm Still Alive

Finals have been killing me. I had finally got some freedom tonight but that’s not going to last long. I still have Art and math stuff to do. I figured i could use a little break from that frustration however and finally put a post up.

Still on the topic of school, I went to a “career orientation” at ITT Tech and it was quite fun. I’m really damn interested in that school and want to go really damn bad now after that. 36 grand is quite a chunk of cash tho. I might work it out hopefully and then i can become a PROFESSIONAL computer geek. And make some SERIOUS pro computer geek cash. It would also be quite an intersting creative outlet for me as well. We’ll see…

I finally got my pictures working again on my website (sort of). I decided to create a new blog using Movable Type to handle my picture archives. Anyway, I posted a beta version of the new blog tonight. You can get to it by following the pictures link on my website. I think it looks rather cool, tell me what you think.

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