in love??? WTF?

I know i just posted a few minutes ago but it’s 4 in the morning, one of the only times in the day MTV plays video’s. I just saw the video for Weezer’s “We are all on drugs”, except for the MTV version it was called “we are all in love”. They completely changed the lyrics! I know this isn’t much new news, but the other day I heard that song on the radio and really listened to the lyrics, to discover that the song is very much against doing drugs. Why censor a song that is up there with causes like D.A.R.E.? Or is that just a big statement by MTV/FCC telling the younger generations that their complete morons who can’t get past a chorus of a pop song.


5 thoughts on “in love??? WTF?”

  1. Wow. Thats really stupid.

    “And the best of your days
    Will all vanish in a haze
    Cause you’re in love” …?!?!

    Its a totally different song! I hate to sound like a hippie (no really, I hate ’em) but I don’t see how making an anti-love song is better than an anti-drug song.

    But then again, a stoned audience is more vulnerable to commercials…

    1. So…
      the world doesn’t care about you when your’e [in love],
      …There’s no one you can trust when you’re
      [in love].

      yes! a good ol’ anti-[love] song!

      That’s just so humorous to me. And, no, you don’t sound like a hippie.

  2. Nice. I love how you can see people eating tub-fulls of cow dicks on Fear Factor and hear them say shit 400,000 times or whatever on South Park and watch Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke 3 times a week on comedy central but if Weezer says “drugs” MTV they have edit the entire song and completely, utterly change the meaning.

    In conclusion when apes take over the earth we’ll be throwing OUR feces at THEM! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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