In other news of the evening

Its really fun getting so utterly frustrated with a NY Times crossword that you just have to go online and cheat to solve the bastard. Even while cheating the last few words, I still feel genius. Autumn and I started the crossword at Safehouse this evening out of the weekly. I was looking at it off-and-on whilst events unfolded.

So many people have gotten tired of going to Safehouse, but about every time I go it spells good times. I think it’s fun because the fact that I have been going there so long and have gotten to know so many of the regulars. It is a very rare occasion that I go and fail to see someone I can converse with. This evening in particular, Autumn and I wandered upstairs and smoked a hookah with Veronica, Robby, and a new Ryan. Ryan broke out some bubbles and I took quite a few really cool pictures of hookah smoke bubbles. I know it sounds fruity but the smoke bubbles were really cool.

Autumn Blowing a hookah smoke bubble.

Popping a smoke bubble.

I didn’t get any of my trig homework done but I had a damn good time!

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    1. feel the age

      I can see what your saying about the Safehouse and age. Some nights cliques of high school kids attend there without purchasing drinks and making a ruckus about high school dramatics or something of the sort. They kinda give me a crash course on how much I’ve grown up since then. It won’t be too long before they are the generation that takes over that community.

      I do however have some super nerd powers that could spark almost any discussion to make other nerd friends in a place that provides Wi-Fi internet. That will only last so long…

      BTW… How old are you anyway?

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