In search of inspirado

Class this morning sparked a new interest with me doing more 3d work. Then I install 3dmax and open it and nothing but blanks come out. I need more inspiration in my life. Not that my life sucks, in fact its the opposite, but I need some more means of inspiration. If I want to start a career as somewhat of an artist I need something to be a fan of again. Something I can seep in and spit out as beutiful. Funny thing is, this most likely is right in front of my face and my eyes just need to open more. It is time to open my mind a bit wider and maybe start drawing more. You never know when the good ol pencil and paper will show you something magnificent.

I made this ball in class today, pretty impressive considering i had to use paint to make the texture.

I still think it looks too cartoony

1 thought on “In search of inspirado”

  1. Usually when I’m feeling low on creative juices I grab something I can get some input from. A book, movie (ha), or even a good TV show, and of course, video games. In your case that’d probably be a good source.

    The other good source of creativity is forcing yourself to do non-creative things for awhile. Cleaning your place up leads to really good ideas that have absolutely nothing to do with cleaning.

    And there’s nothing wrong with cartoony. 😉

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