jammin at lances

This is a picture of my newfound friend Lance jamming last night. Autumn and I went over to his house and witnessed a highly entertaining jam session. There was a whole lot of different instruments being played: ben on the bongos, lance lead guitar, and some people whom i just met and couldn’t remember their names if my life depended on it playing drums, keyboards, trumpet and vocals. It was some good tunes, I was somewhere between a cheesy “My So Called Life” episode and a rainbow festival. The vocalist they had sounded like Dave Matthews. It was good times.

3 thoughts on “jammin at lances”

  1. Hmmm….

    If I had a sober rock band it would be called “Fac3d” and it would play 80’s thrash metal, but with different lyrics for example, some of my lyrics would be, “Death begins to rise
    The alcoholics always die
    Who will survive?”

    And that’s just a thing I came up with 2 seconds ago.

    Yay me

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