KFMA day

I went to KFMA day this weekend. I went to Fall ball this fall and figured I might have as great of a time as I did then. I think a bit of a contributer to not as good of a time is that we ran into less people than before, but running into gina was cool. The highlights of the show were Jimmy Eat World, Sum-41 and Billy Idol rocked! Billy Idol was acually the most fun show of them all, he’s old and still works the stage like a master. I’d have to say Im not much a fan of the majority of the concert goers there. There was of course the typical violence and drugs that I dont appreciate so much but I think it was the large mass of the MTV crowd that was there that was a bit discerning. It kinda bugged me that most of the people would only jam to the songs that I have heard on the radio.

Maybe im just getting old, I was once one of them.

I didnt dance around that much, which probably would have made for a better time but the shoulder to shoulder thing makes it difficult to do anything but mosh. Maybe my next show should be something more mellow and grown up like Jack Johnson.

Billy Idol did make that stupid new single of his a whole lot better with his performance, as well as the classics. Plus Jimmy Eat World is now a great band. It’s funny how seeing a performance can change one’s opinion.

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