LAN 5 Flash Movie

I finished my first Flash movie. This one is for LAN party 5 going on this weekend. its a bit more than a meg so it may take a while to watch for some with slow connections. But I had a fun 3 days making this. I could use some improvement of course but I like it.


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6 thoughts on “LAN 5 Flash Movie”

  1. Why Did Ronald McDonald have sex with his sister?

    Ray, you are a fucking lunatic. That was fun though. And you guys are all enormous dorks.

    Because all those years of eating junk food left him with impaired judgement

  2. I likey

    It was great!
    I like the display of the games that are up.
    you could lower the flaming 5 logo in the close up, it ended up cutting off the top of the logo by the time it stopped, don’t know if you noticed.
    Also the shaking MORE, you could cut a couple of secounds of to make it shorter.
    Just some suggestions, it’s great just the way it is too.


    1. Re: I likey

      Yea.. the flame thing was intentional… and i agree with the more shaking thing. It was a bit of a filler to flow with the music a bit better. I had plans of putting more into it but it gets a bit tedious after a while. That whole animation was about 1200 or so frames.

      but keep your eye on I gave Ryan and jeff access to it so they can put their stuff on there 2. Stay tuned.

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