Lan Party III and cable internet

So I havent posted in a few days… I’ll say balls (hope all you ryan mccrory’s out there are satisfied)

this week can be described with many different adjectives. For now i’ll say chaoctic.

I had a great weekend up in phoenix with Autumn (somehow the post was lost). Soon afterward, however, I became engulfed in stress about this paper i have to write for writing 102, I have no idea what I’m doing in that class, hopefully I get one soon. On tuesday i thought that the rough draft had to be finished, I was very gladly mistaken for i hadn’t written a word yet. There is a whole week left until i have to turn it in so i focused on fun after then 🙂

Lan Party III started on Wednesday with a total of 9 computers rocking out some soldier of fortune 2. It took somewhere around 8 hours to set up room two, which was quite aggrivating because I was in room two. But after we got started it was quite fun. I retired early to autumn’s house to go to work on thursday. Then the lan binge cycle started.

Quickly after work I went to beards house, where the lan party was at, and found that everybody was asleep. Turns out that I had arrived two hours after they all went to bed. But no matter, Derek arrived a few minutes later, he was quite good company. We wound up battling in a one on one round in SOF2 before the others woke up. I believe the score was 8 to 30, I got my ass kicked. I’m pretty damn good too! Derek is a bad ass!

After the boys woke up we all battled quite a bit more in the game, Good times! (or should I say balls?) Autumn arrived and we went on a los betos/soda run to feed all the fellow nerds in the rooms. A comment was made to me tonight that I have found a damn cool girlfiend
if she joins me in a lan party, that is quite true.

We got back, fed, and busted some more skulls in games for a little while. This is where i got a bit too sucked in, Autumn decided to take a short nap until midnight, she woke up at 2am. That was quite shitty of me because she had to work for 9 hours. 🙁 I went to sleep feeling quite guilty and thouroughly drained from binging on video games. Woke up on friday feeling the same.

Work was slow, I got off early and decided to go home before going back to the party and shower. Called beard on the way and found out that the party was over and i had to pick up my computer. Oh well.. until next time..

In final thought about the lan party, it was quite a bit of chaos for a while on the first day, but for the most part it was balls. I think I’m going to be hosting the next one at my parents pad with probably an even bigger turnout (they seem to grow exponentially). I will definately start a webpage dedicated to swap info on what to get and bring so we could hopefully prevent all the damn chaos that occured in the ones preceeding this. I’ll post that info later… the link will probably be: LanPartyIV, it’ll be up in a few days from now

In other news, I’m getting cable internet in a day or two! I allready have the modem and everything. which means that I’m going to be changing my e-mail address and ditching that bastard AOL finally! I’m qite excited about it. I’m also shopping around for networking supplies because we have two comps at my house now. Should I buy a Switch or a Hub? I am quite a newbie at the whole networking thing so if anyone reads this and knows the answer please post.

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  1. With two computers and cable internet you’ll want to buy a router, not a switch or hub.

    The three main companies are Linksys, D-Link and Netgear, which all make reliable products. I’m partial to Linksys, but grab whichever one you’d like.

    Also, if you want to go wireless in your house, you can grab wireless gear for cheap nowadays.

    For the next party, LANParty 2.5 (as I’ve been calling it), we could do all sorts of fun stuff. 😀

    By the way, if you want, I could host your website so you could ditch Tripod. 10Mb of webspace with FTP and unlimited bandwidth. Let me know.

    1. I’m quite interseted in you hosting my site because i get quite frustrated with some of the crap I have to deal with on tripod.

      I was thinking on a switch so I could have a bunch of network expansion, for lan parties etc. What do you think?

      1. Well, a router is basically a switch with DHCP capabilities. If you’re going to be sharing your cable connection between two computers, you’re going to want to have a router for that. You can always turn off DHCP for LAN parties and such, and have it be a normal switch. A router is what you’re going to want to get.

        If you want me to host your site, zip up all the content and mail it to me here and I’ll put it up for you. We can figure out a web address for you later, there are a few free redirect sites we can set up.

  2. Buy a Hub

    Hey Ray…

    This is Joe. I’d buy a hub or a router, not a switch. You don’t have enough computers to make a switch worth the money you’d spend on it. You should probably buy a router tho, I’m guessing you’re getting cox cable, and if they’re anything like comcast, you’re only going to get one routeable ip address.

    1. Re: Buy a Hub

      a switch is cheaper than a hub.. I think i’m gonna wait tho so i can have some actual spending cash,, perhaps tax returns :}

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