Life is good nonetheless

Well I had a really fun weekend, Last night we went to Mike’s birthday party at Nicks house. I had a blast and took a lot of pictures, 13 of which wound up on my website. I really like the one I made of Ryan Pwning himself. Please feel free to leave any comments on the pics on my site because I just spent a week getting that working and I don’t want to feel it was a waste. So, if you’re bored, have yourself a comment fest on my web pictures.

Friday night we had movie night, which took a nice turn from the usual and became a game night. There was a full house so it wasn’t just Autumn, Daniel, and I there. We all wound up playing Cranium which always proves good times. That game could turn a boring ass family reunion into good times. The best moment by far in that game was when Dan had to do charades for the phrase “Trojan Horse” where Carol guessed the answer while trying to hold back vomiting. This was also a farewell to Daniel thing; He’s heading back to PA to make some artistic decisions with dead animals in his family business. It sounds really adventurous and I’m really happy for him.

My mom decided to help me out with the finances for the next few months. I guess when I visited last weekend she saw how hard I have been working with School/Work, and how bloody poor I still am, and figured I could use some allowance. Some funds showed up in my account on Friday and I have filled up my gas tank (Egads that was a lot of money for only 11 gallons!), and purchased some groceries. I’m really good at not stressing about being poor and such, but this has relieved all my worries, so now I could focus on other jobs such as school or Job hunting.

Autumn has been smart and bought a bus pass. She now goes to school full time and has quit her job. I, unfortunately still work at Baggins delivering sandwiches and Have to deal with gas in proportion to work, which is also one hell of a commute. I have been in close tabs with career services looking for other work, I got a promising lead the other day:

Hello, Raymond:

I received your name and information from Angela Bruflat at ITT Tech who spoke highly of your skills.  I am looking for a web programmer who can streamline my site, put together an intranet site, as well as, a series of community websites.  Lots of work to do!

If you are interested, please send me an e-mail with the best number and time to contact you. 

And of course I responded right away. I strive to soon be able to be financially independent and work In my field of study, which this letter is very close to. I definitely wouldn’t mind being a freelance web designer but it is a competitive field and job security would be a struggle. I know my job is out there and I’m hopefully going to hone in on it soon. Life is good nonetheless.

2 thoughts on “Life is good nonetheless”

  1. “trojan horse”… what were they thinking?

    and, yep…
    there’s the puke again.
    i should be able to make sure in advance the clues to the charades don’t involve my best friend pretending to put on a condom while having sex with a horse.

    and yeah!
    moms are grand.

    we are all SO proud of you.

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