Life is Good

For a Monday, this feels a lot like a weekend, It was too fun for a Monday. Work was quick, I bought school supplies and headed to Safehouse. The upstairs has new couches and whatnot, very comfy. I see Jeff; we converse a bit about all kinds of random crap, which was very great. Time passes and a whole entourage of people sits on the new corner couch with us. It was a blast! I love the new atmosphere.

Autumn and I wound up going home, eating Chinese, and playing tons of video games. That brings me here. And I’m really excited for whatever Tuesday has to bring.

Your Life: The Movie
by mintyduck
Who will play you: Shannen Doherty
Who will play your love interest: Natalie Portman
Weeks you will stay in the box office: 1
Song that will play during your love scene: Space – Female of the Species
Song that will play during your death: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird
Your name:
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Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice: Chain gun
Your Favorite Target: People named “Steve”
Your Kill Count: 1,220,649,946
Your Battle Cry: “Enlarge your penis with this ALL-NATURAL PILL!”
Years You Spend in Jail: 10
How Much Money In Damages You Cause: $295,712,798,659,418
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 3%
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