Lost Dog

My brother called me a week ago and started crying. He went camping that weekend and tied his dog up to a tree while he went to go get firewood, he came back and there was just a leash tied to the tree. Buddy was scared shitless of the thunderstorm and just ran off. So last Sunday I had one of the most depressing phone calls with my brother ever, I don’t think even the death of a family member ever got him this down. He was having a nervous breakdown, couldn’t sleep or anything. All his friends up there have graduated and moved away by now so the only comfort and sanity in company came from Buddy. And by-god it hurt to see him go through this, so I did what I could to help with making posters and emailing humane societies and all else I could.

My parents even took off to northern Arizona on Thursday, a day before their planned trip to New Mexico to go to my uncle’s retirement. I get a call from my mom while I was at work on Friday, which pissed me off because my mom always interrupts things at work, but she told me they found him and that made my day. I couldn’t possibly have a bad day after that news. A woman found him trying to cross the highway and started a tour of ranger stations around the area looking for the owners. My parents showed up at one of those stations 5 minutes after that woman found him and the ranger told them “he was just here”. So they tracked her down and got the poor, terrified and messed up buddy. We took him to the vet upon return to Tucson and he was at full health after a little relaxation with my brother. I wish I was there to take a picture of my brothers expression when they were reunited but I hear that the look on Buddy’s face was even more priceless.

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