Merry Christmas

I’m at Autumn’s parents’ house in phoenix right now typing this post from her mom’s laptop. I just got off the phone after an hour of great conversation ("conversating") with Zane. And I feel suddenly inspired for a holiday post.
Last night we went down to my Aunt’s house in Corona De Tucson (the end of Houghton) for the usual Cleveland holiday shindig. There was a great barrage of family and gifts that was a whole lot of fun. Autumn got three gifts from various members of my family and I got two. My brother was a bit reluctant about the whole family gathering aspect of it but he wound up having a great time with us. He also had one of the best gift opening reactions that I have seen in a while when he opened the poker set that Autumn and I got for him. After losing in a game of Texas Hold’em with my cousins, Autumn and I took off to get up in the morning and drive here to phoenix for her family’s Christmas.
This morning here was a lot of fun, there was another bunch of presents for all, her family even got me a few things including some symbolic flip-flops that makes me an official family member. Autumn got me a parlor chess table that will go nicely in our new place that we move into next week. Autumn got a lot of things that she asked for, Including a lot of the impossible ones such as a million dollars, a pony, and a golden toilet. Her brothers’ boyfriend laughed very loud when he opened his deck of naked man cards that Autumn got him. It was a lot of fun.
Both nights I had a ham dinner. Tomorrow night is another ham dinner with my folks. I also plan to maybe go grab some breakfast or lunch with Zane tomorrow. Altogether this has been a fantastic Christmas. I am truly lucky to have two terrific families to spend it with. This might be my last post in a while because I got Half life 2 and will probably use almost all my computer time playing Counter Strike online but, until then.
Merry Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. yeah for functional families!

    glad you both had a warm fuzzy time!
    i hope you read this tonight (sun)
    cause i think you guys are moving tomorrow.
    if you still want to give me that couch
    i’ll still take it.
    i talked to my apt. manager,
    and you guys can drop it at my pad even though i’m gone.
    he can let you in.
    reply back if thats what you guys want to do.

    1. Re: yeah for functional families!

      i will definatly do that carol, it will save me a trip of storing it a rita ranch, i will probably drop it off on friday, love and miss you, hope your mom is fatting you up, and giving you lots of girly days!

  2. Good deal. Glad you guys had a boss time.

    Give me a call on Tuesday and we’ll hang. I get back into town around 6:00.

    P.S. A lift from the airport would be awesome, if you’re not busy. Cabs smell funny.

    1. oops

      sorry D its wednesday and i just got an opertunity to look at a comp, hope the smelly ride was a blast. give us a call! we are having a gamenight/house warming next weekend after newyears, so come on over!

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