must be cold in hell. Ray got a job

I haven’t written in my journal in a few days and I’m doing laundry now so here I go…

I finally got a job! Which has made me a bit busy the past few days. I actually have been miraculously pulled away from the computer for more than a day. But I’m back so HA! Back to the subject of my new job… I got this 2 hour a day gig at a sandwich shop. I started today during a rush. I had forgotten how fun it is to be the clueless new guy during a rush. Except when it’s your fist day and they have you running the store by yourself.. that happened to me at this pizza joint I worked at. No fun. But this new job is pretty cool and now I can have a little cash so I’m not the poor ass bastard I have been for the past few months.

I have still had time to hang out with the usual crew.. Which has resulted in a few great pictures…pictures I will put up on my website (insert evil laughter) And YES Carol I DO have a picture with you in it that I am posting soon (more evil laughter). Oh.. and speaking of website, i have a new guestbook For you all to sign. ooh.. I see beard has signed it JOY!

Well, gotta work tomorrow, until next time..

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