My Short Summer (Part One)

There is not much more spontaneous than the way my life has been lately. I’m
not complaining. Spontaneity has been treating me well lately. I guess I can
understand how many people like to have their days set and planned for them: it
helps people like me, with million-track-minds that forget everything at the
drop of a hat, to remember things and tasks to get done, to be productive.

Every day lately I have Been waking up knowing not much about how my day is
going to go except the fact that it is going to be a great day. The only set
thing that I have to do is work for a few short hours every weekday, the rest is
up to whatever I feel at the moment. This has led to many episodes of indecision
in my past, but right now I have never felt so content in a while. I couldn’t
always live like this because of random plagues of confusion with feelings could
attack at any moment out of nowhere. My "focus chart" can suffer vast amounts
during times like this, I don’t care right now. Fun is to be had. This is
my short break from pursuing career goals…  and I’m loving it

This is my summer, short and sweet. I start school in about two weeks… Year

2 thoughts on “My Short Summer (Part One)”

  1. genius

    I love your spontanious life,and i cant wait to see you succed at ITT, infact, they’ll have to put you on one of their cheesy commercials as a sucsess story. you’ll be great. it may be a short summer and your school year might last for 730 days with only a few short breaks, but all of us who love you will still be here when your done…with our arms(and pockets) wide open!
    tee hee

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