My Short Summer (Part Two)

this is pretty much the last day of freedom from school for the next two years of my life. I start ITT, well, Later today in fact. I am pretty excited about it. Connaway was explaining to me about a feeling of doing exactly what you are put on earth to do. Much of my life I have been confused about which direction I am going or should be going. I think i may be on the right track this time, I have a bit of that feeling, I was born to this… I may just find a use for my creativity… That will hopefully make me a living. So @ 6:00pm i will be attending my first class @ ITT Technical Institute.

Autumn and Ryan moved in to an apartment and I have been spending more time there than Ryan. This week was pretty much Autumn and I living together and I am thinking it’s impossible for me to become sick of her. Living with her this week has been great and fun, but we were hermits and didn’t leave the apartment too much at all. That would be the only thing I would change in the future. I don’t want to wind up disreguarding all the rest of my friends because I’m in an awesome relationship.

Well, This concludes my summer break, School spells a lot of new change for me, i have tons on my mind. That would have completely Messed me up a year or so ago. I’m not worried, I know everything will be great from hear on out, If i can see it or not.

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